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All main course meals are served with a choice of homemade chips, new potatoes or jacket potato.


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Breakfast served until 11.00AM

The Ryles Grill Selection

We pride ourselves in selecting the finest cuts of British meat. The whole joint is aged on our premises for at least 14 days before we cut our steaks. We recommend steaks to be cooked medium rare or, at the very most, medium.

We slightly under-cook our steaks as our cast iron plates will continue to cook the steak very slightly and will ensure your meal stays hot to the last mouthful.

Our Cuts of Steak

Rump Steak: 6oz £10.95 12oz £15.95

Whole rumps are cut into three sections allowing us to achieve the required sizes of steak. Full of flavour and a stronger grain. Can become tough if cooked more than medium.

T-Bone: £19.95

The T-shaped bone separates the sirloin and the fillet. The best of both worlds.

Sirloin: £17.95

10oz of prime Sirloin steak. Rumour has it this steak was once knighted by a King. It was so good, hence the name ‘Sir’ Loin.

Fillet Medallions: £19.95

8oz of fillet medallions smothered in our pepper sauce & topped with stilton cheese.

Mixed Grill: £19.95

4 oz steak, lamb chop, 6 oz gammon, two sausages, grilled liver, two slices of black pudding, egg, mushrooms, tomato and onion rings. oh, we forgot to mention the chips

Ribeye: 8oz £13.50 12oz £18.50

Cut from the eye of the prime rib, it is one of the most popular and juiciest steaks. This steak has more marble and fat than others, giving it its distinctive taste and texture.

Fillet: 8oz £20.95

The most prized cut of beef, extremely tender and packed with delicious flavour.

Carpet Bagger: 6oz £12.50 12oz £17.50

Rump steak stuffed with onions, mushrooms and cheese served with onion rings, mushrooms and grilled tomato

Surf & Turf: £16.95

6 oz rump steak with half a dozen deep fried scampi served with homemade tartare sauce, onion rings, mushrooms and a grilled tomato

Steak, Eggs & Chips: £10.95

6oz rump steak with two fried eggs & chips.


Diane, Wholegrain Mustard, Pepper, Peri-Peri, Roquefort: £1.95

Our Grilling Definitions

Steaks are served:
Bleu: seared and served;
Rare: completely pink & fleshy and very, very tasty;
Medium Rare: little less rare, but still very juicy;
Medium: pink in the middle;
Medium Well: slight hint of pink but mostly grey in colour;
Well Done: as dead as a dodo and no responsibility if tough!

Signature Toppings

Once the steak is selected, you may want to try one of our speciality toppings or melts...

Garlic & Chilli, Stilton & Bacon, Garlic Mushroom, Peri-Peri Prawns, Cheshire Steak £3.00

Cheshire Steak £3.00

Your steak topped with french mustard, caramelised onion and melted cheshire cheese


Creamed Spinach: £1.95

Sauté spinach & onion in a creamy white sauce

Medley of Vegetables: £2.25

A dish for 2 containing three seasonal vegetables of the day

All served with grilled tomato, onion rings & mushrooms plus choice of homemade chips, new potatoes or jacket potato