The Ryles Arms Menu

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All main course meals are served with a choice of homemade chips, new potatoes or jacket potato.


If you would like to make a table reservation,
please call us on 01260 252244



Breakfast served until 11.00AM


Soup of the day £3.95

Thick & creamy and served with bloomer bread

Paté £4.50

Pork mince and chicken livers blended with brandy and mixed herbs

Whitebait £4.95

Deep fried until crispy and golden, served with our homemade tartar sauce

Garlic Bread £3.50

Four slices of ciabatta bread smothered in garlic butter

Cheesy Garlic Bread £4.50

As above and topped with grilled cheese

Ryles Seafood Cocktail £5.75

Prawn and crayfish salad tossed in a marié rose sauce

Filo Prawns £5.50

Five king prawns wrapped in filo pastry served with a sweet chilli dip

Black Pudding £5.50

Beef tomato wedged between two slices of black pudding served with a wholegrain mustard sauce and crispy pancetta

Chicken Goujons £5.25

Four breaded chicken strips served with a garlic mayo dip

Grilled Mushrooms £5.95

Flat field mushrooms roasted in garlic butter and topped with bacon and cheese

Smoked Trout £5.50

Fillet of danebridge smoked trout served on a salad garnish

BBQ Ribs £5.95

Braised in our homemade bbq sauce – be prepared to get messy!!

Bruschetta £4.95

Fresh tomatoes, red onion and basil on garlic chiabatta, topped with mozzarella cheese

Nacho’s £5.50

Homemade chilli mince & tortilla chips with sour cream